Be among the first to discover Old Town Park’s one-of-a-kind, elevated Penthouse Collection, and the breathtaking views it offers.

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Tower Two
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Tower Two
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plan LPH1

Lower Penthouse

Tn Plan Lph1

Total 2,781 SQFT

Indoor 1,840 sqft
Outdoor 941 sqft
Fully Leased

plan LPH2

Lower Penthouse

Tn Plan Lph2

Total 3,230 SQFT

Indoor 2,280 sqft
Outdoor 950 sqft
Fully Leased

plan LPH3

Lower Penthouse

Tn Plan Lph3

Total 2,534 SQFT

Indoor 2,065 sqft
Outdoor 469 sqft
Fully Leased

plan LPH4

Lower Penthouse

Tn Plan Lph4

Total 2,030 SQFT

Indoor 1,710 sqft
Outdoor 320 sqft
Fully Leased

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The View

Floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor living areas frame iconic views of the Chicago skyline, Lake Michigan, and beyond.

*This location is not exact and should be considered an approximation only. Views are subject to change.